Our tapwater is tasty, healthy and environment friendly.

With TPWTR you show you made a conscious descision.


TPWTR) is a social enterprise that encourages individuals, restaurant owners and corporations to choose for tap water as a sustainable alternative for bottled water. We promote tap water instead of bottled spring water in order to diminsich the amount of waste en the emission of carbon dioxide. Drinking tap water is one of the easiest ways of contributing to a better world. By choosing tap water over spring water you diminisch the extraction of water, the production of plastic packaging and the transportation  and cooling of bottled water.

The bottle is the message
In order to spread our message TPWTR produces sustainable products, like stainless stell bottles, jugs, swing bottles, glasses and water coolers. Five percent of our profits are donated to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Drinking tap water is ons of the easiest ways of contributing to a better world. Currently, tapwater is still considered to be cheap, but by making a brand of tapwater, people appreciate it as a healthy, local and  environment friendly product of choice.

Refilling your TPWTR bottle or putting a stylish TPWTR carafe on the table, enhances discussions about small everyday things we can do about the waste we create and what each individual can do to reduce his carbon footprint.

What happens to plastic after you use it?
Most of it goes in to land fills, a portion gets in tot he water course and ends up in the ocean.

Recycling plastic is not a sustainable solution. It is actually called downcycling, because plastic never goes away. A plastic bottle can never be a plastic  bottle again, unlike a glass bottle or an aluminum bottle.

The consumption of disposable plastic has spiraled out of control.

What is the number one thing plastic is made out of?
In the United States, every year they use seventeen million barrels of oil to make plastic water bottles. This is enough to fuel one million cars.

Plastic pieces on the ocean surface now outnumber sea life 6 to 1. Plastic makes out almost 90% of the trash floating on the ocean surface.

What effect does plastic have on human health?
93% of Americans already have BPA in their bodies. Plastic chemicals are absorbed by the body. They alter hormones for instance.

By refusing disposable plastic you can improve the health of the ocean and environment around us. Including human health and animal health.